About me and this site

Hi, my name is Quinn Palmer, and I am so happy that you have come to my blog! If you look at my posts you’ll see that they seem packed with information about history and Korea, well, the reason for that is my school, my passion for history and living in Korea!  I take an online home-school curriculum called RPC and on there the course I take is Western Civilization 2 and I do enjoy it.  I am taking other classes, and I enjoy those as well.

I am fifteen years old, I love dogs, chameleons (both of which my family currently doesn’t own) and baseball.

Some other things about me:

  •  I enjoy archery
  • I am a Mormon
  • I play the piano
  • I am the acrobat of my family’s trampoline
  •  I am trying to learn all I can about cameras and photos
  • And I am home-schooled
  • I love animals

I hope you like my blog and visit often!

Quinn Palmer