One Reason Why World War II Broke Out

During the interwar period, the time between WWI and WWII, tension was still very high among the Allied states and Germany.  There are many reasons why this tension could have led to WWII, but there is one factor I would like to share with you. Ignorance The Versailles Treaty established at the Paris Peace Conference... Continue Reading →


Use of Contrasts In 12 Years A Slave

12 Years A Slave is an autobiography written by Solomon Northup.  He was a free black man who was kidnapped and sold into slavery.  His book chronicles those twelve years as a slave.  Solomon was an amazing writer and very good at using contrasts to tell his stories.  However, when it comes time for me to... Continue Reading →

Aftermath of the Russian Revolution

Russia in the 1920's was a rough and sad place to live in.  V.I. Lenin and his communist party had taken power from the Tsar and started a movement known as the Russian Revolution.  This movement really took Russia down a dark path and the aftermath ensued.  Here is a small glimpse of what happened.... Continue Reading →

Homeobox Genes

The natural biological systems, specifically those in charge of making up the bodies of every living organism, have adapted to make the creation of new bodies very simplified. Let me explain. A homeobox gene, or hox for short, can be easily defined as a "body plan"  for animals.  Like a child following LEGO instructions to... Continue Reading →

Problems With The Paris Peace Conference

The Paris Peace Conference from January 1919 to June 1920 was an event marking the end of World War I.  There is some speculation that the negotiations made at the conference began paving the path towards World War II, because it created more problems than it solved.  Here are two examples of negotiations that created... Continue Reading →

Solomon Northup and Hope

Solomon Northup's autobiography told the story of the separation of Solomon from his family.  Solomon met a woman named Eliza whose children were ripped away from her by slavery.  Both reacted in different ways and I've found one of those reasons why. Hope  Before being kidnapped and sold into slavery, Solomon was a freeman whereas... Continue Reading →

Modernism & Freud

Modernism was a movement during the 19th Century and centered its principles on instinct and disorder.  There is one man I want to write about who had a great influence on modernism thought. Sigmund Freud A major pioneer in modernism thought, Sigmund Freud believed that the human mind and emotions are not as predictable and... Continue Reading →

Soil as an Ecosystem

If you heard someone say to you, "Soil is there just to hold up the plants", would you agree with that?  Biologists and those who who study soil have proved that soil is more than just support for plants. Soil actually contains thousands of billions of bacteria and organisms that can do many different tasks... Continue Reading →

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