Personal Finance Essay: How I can control small expenses

Question no. 1

Do I find myself chronically short of cash?

I am not chronically short of cash, but if I was I might try to limit my spending, and try to put my money away so there is no way for it to tempt me to spend it.

Then I could go and work for a month or two and reward myself by treating myself to something I would like to buy. Then I put it away for another little while until I have worked really hard for what I need or want to buy later.

Question no. 2

How much spending is “little stuff”

I don’t spend a whole bunch on little stuff but I did I could buy doughnut for $5 everyday and eventually it would bite me. Then over 40 days of spending on a doughnut I would have spent at least $200!!! I could have used that money for something more important then a piece of pastry.

Question no. 3

Come up with ways to cut these expenses

If you like to buy a doughnut then bring your own to work so that you don’t have to spend $5 on a doughnut! Not buying something at work everyday could save you some pretty good money. This is not to say that you can’t treat yourself to something every once in a while. Another way I thought could be pretty useful is having a shopping list and not DEVIATING from it, go with a goal to not buy anything else off your list. But if you do see something that might be useful or is on sale, don’t worry about it, go home, do your research on the item, then debate on whether to buy it or not. Also, sales will almost ALWAYS roll back around. đŸ™‚  Another idea would be to ask a friend to keep you in check when you go shopping. Say something like, ” Hey, man I have to go grab something from the store real quick will you make sure I don’t purchase anything else?” The thing is if you buy anything else then that item then he/she gets that item. (but you probably wouldn’t want them to get an item YOU paid for:)

Quinn Palmer

RPC student




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  1. Congrats on making your first blog entry as part of your RPC studies! I’m proud of you. I look forward to reading and learning from your posts every ‘Friday’!


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