(drum roll) And now… the Anasazi and Hopewell!

Hello guys! Hope you enjoyed my last essay, and this next one!

Today I will be comparing two civilizations known as the Hopewell and Anasazi.  I will start with the Anasazi.

Anasazi means: “Ancient ones”

The Anasazi lived in the southwest US desert region, places like Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, so they probably also dealt with weather like wind, drought, erosion. Their home building style was Adobe, and their villages were called ‘pueblos’ and I lived in Arizona for a couple years so I saw them occasionally. Adobe homes are made from sand and straw and made into bricks. They also used logs to support their roof. But where they were built is a completely different matter. They were built under overhangs or on cliffs, and even underground where it is a bit cooler. I got to go with my family to Mesa Verde National Park a couple years ago and it was pretty cool to see how these people lived. They also built dams to store melted snow water for the dry months of summer to come.

Now on to Hopewell…

The Hopewell people lived in eastern North America during the Middle Woodland Period possibly as early as 100 BC. They lived in places where Ohio, the Great Lakes, and the Mississippi River and other eastern areas are today. They built, and lived in homes in villages together. They were also very agricultural, they planted things like: maize (corn), and beans. One other thing that was very impressive about them was that when they buried someone and other treasures with them, they made really impressive burial mounds. Some were made into actual designs that can only be seen from the air, and just really tall ones. They also had a long-distance trading system they acquired copper and silver, mica, quartz, marine shells, shark and alligator teeth (Florida), man, you name it they probably had it! But by 400 AD their culture started diminishing and earth-working was done. Scientists don’t know what caused this, but there was a major shift in the Late Woodland Period, it was almost as if they were separating themselves from each other. They now had walls or ditches around their villages. This may have been caused by a dispute between villages, or some villages didn’t like each other…But,their crops were becoming very valuable, especially corn, the bow and arrow was now being introduced. And, they did flourish for the time being.

Now I am going to list some of the differences in their development! (you can think of some to 🙂

Difference no. 1 Anasazi probably didn’t have trade with others to much

Difference no. 2 The Hopewell made their houses out of thatch, skin, bark, clay, and mats while the Anasazi made them almost entirely out of mud and clay.

Difference no. 3 Anasazi didn’t have awesome burial mounds that you could see from the sky!

Thank you for looking at this post!

~Quinn Palmer~

RPC student


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