Essay Topic: Three things I Can Change to Use Time Better

Hey guys! Thanks for looking at my last essay. Hope you liked it! Here is my next one. But first I would like to say that I am basing these ideas off my Personal Finance instructor: Mr. Terrell

Now, I am going to pick three ways that I think I could change to use time better.

No. 1: “Budget enough time (add about 25% for unexpected time)”

If you budget time, great! You will probably end up having a better day. But if you budget or schedule your time so much that you give yourself 5 min. to get from one place to another, chances are you have a way too packed of a schedule, and you will get pulled over by a cop! Also, if you loosely pack your schedule, the chances are again, not going to be very cool. You could plan something and invite other people, but they could already have plans and you end up having not as great a day or time as you thought you would…

No. 2: “Break large tasks into smaller, more manageable ones”

I really like this one! Nobody likes to wake up and think that they have this huge task in front of them, so the first thing you should do is reassure yourself that you can do whatever it is that needs to be done. Don’t take baby steps, take toddler steps:) they are still small enough for you to not get overwhelmed but big enough to get some good work done! Also if you have scary study day coming up, you are probably making it sound harder then it really is, you can probably get it done easy-peasy, but if not, (Mr. Terrell said this)”break up your study time into blocks of an hour”. The one thing you don’t want to do after your first hour of study is to procrastinate from getting back on task, so motivate yourself towards something you enjoy.

No. 3: “Say no to social invitations if you have to study or work on a project”

I recently struggled with this, so that just goes to show that I am not an amazing Personal Financer, but, I try 🙂 So I blew a couple buck$ on a fun activity. I did enjoy it but afterwards I wasn’t feeling to great about, I had spent all the money I had taken with me, and now it is in the past, but I think I should have said no to that invitation. BUT on the other hand if hadn’t gone and whatnot I wouldn’t have that story!!! 🙂

Quinn Palmer

RPC student


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