Brice’s snake

This is my brother’s snake, Ginger.  I let him post a picture of her here on my blog so that he could share the pic elsewhere (he needed it to have a url!).

I like my brother, and Ginger…so why not share my space?


The Man Who Could Boost His Net Worth while Others Struggled: The Amazing James J. Hill!

James Jerome Hill was born Sep. 16 1838 and died on May 29 1916 at the age of 77 and married Mary Theresa Meaghan in 1867. She was born in 1846 and she outlived James by 8 years, they had 10 children.

But in between the time of birth and death is what I hope to cover.

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Angles + Saxons = Anglo-Saxons (not triangles!)

The Anglo-Saxons were once separate tribes called the Angles and the Saxons. Coming from areas like Germany, and Scandinavia, they invaded England during the 5th Century and inhabited the east side of England. They were first referred to as the Anglo-Saxons in the late 8th Century. The name England was actually derived from the Angles, and they ruled where Edinburgh, Durham, and Norwich are today. The Saxons lived where Oxford, London, and Bristol are. On the west side of England the Britons were ruling where Wales, Plymouth, and up through Liverpool.

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My Creed: My Life

I would like to say that this is how I live my life, this is for history class, (and that some of this rhymes!)

I believe in God the Almighty, and Jesus Christ and they love and guide me from above with their caring hands.

I live a life that allows me to be free and protects me from sin, but when it does get difficult a still small voice tells me, “This isn’t right.” So I am not afraid to say: “Please don’t say/do that around me.” Everyday I start the day by reading the words of God and praying to him, but what I say is what I feel thats how its always been. I like to be outside and play around, and do crazy things on my bike, and I could play baseball all day and well into the night, But I’ll think of family and rush right home and spend time with them instead. I don’t know much about self-defense, but what I do I’ll use to protect my family, but with God who needs self-defense!? But know matter how far away I am or where I go, I know God will be watching out for me.

Quinn Palmer

RPC student