My Creed: My Life

I would like to say that this is how I live my life, this is for history class, (and that some of this rhymes!)

I believe in God the Almighty, and Jesus Christ and they love and guide me from above with their caring hands.

I live a life that allows me to be free and protects me from sin, but when it does get difficult a still small voice tells me, “This isn’t right.” So I am not afraid to say: “Please don’t say/do that around me.” Everyday I start the day by reading the words of God and praying to him, but what I say is what I feel thats how its always been. I like to be outside and play around, and do crazy things on my bike, and I could play baseball all day and well into the night, But I’ll think of family and rush right home and spend time with them instead. I don’t know much about self-defense, but what I do I’ll use to protect my family, but with God who needs self-defense!? But know matter how far away I am or where I go, I know God will be watching out for me.

Quinn Palmer

RPC student


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