Angles + Saxons = Anglo-Saxons (not triangles!)

The Anglo-Saxons were once separate tribes called the Angles and the Saxons. Coming from areas like Germany, and Scandinavia, they invaded England during the 5th Century and inhabited the east side of England. They were first referred to as the Anglo-Saxons in the late 8th Century. The name England was actually derived from the Angles, and they ruled where Edinburgh, Durham, and Norwich are today. The Saxons lived where Oxford, London, and Bristol are. On the west side of England the Britons were ruling where Wales, Plymouth, and up through Liverpool.

Their Lifestyle:

They had classes of society that went as follows”

  • King – the provider, peacekeeper, ruler, and if he didn’t do a very good job of it  he would probably be killed!
  • Thanes – (Thegn) Freemen given land in return for military service, also servants, attenders.
  • Ceorls – (Churls) Peasants, farmers; they had the right to bear arms, the lowest ranking freeman, but not quite the lowest…..
  • Slaves – some times the slaves were criminals forced to labor during harvest as a punishment of their crimes.


The Anglo-Saxons LOVED having feasts! But, they were for the most part, vegetarians! They could only hunt on their lands, and it was also expensive to slaughter an animal.

They also enjoyed other things like:

  • Dog racing
  • Falconry
  • Wrestling

Weaponry and War:

The Anglo-Saxons were a VERY fierce people so they knew how to make and use weapons such as:

  • Spears – A pole about 6-7 ft. tall with an iron or metal spear-head at the top
  • Wooden Shields – A round wooden piece of wood (ash, oak, maple) embossed with studs or pieces of metal
  • Swords – They used these for heavy slashing and cutting instead of thrusting or finesse
  • Throwing axes – Very dangerous in the hands of an Anglo-Saxon is all I have to say about them!


A vast majority of people did farming, they often shared things between one another such as teams of oxen.


They grew things like:

  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Rye
  • Barley (for their beer)

As well as:

  •  Peas
  • Beans
  • and Lentils

Animals used for food:

pigs, cattle, goats, and sheep.

I hope this has been an informative blog post for you as it was for me!

Quinn Palmer

RPC student


Thanks Wikipedia, and Primary Home Work Help for all your awesome, and helpful information!


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