A long time ago in Eastern Europe far, far away…

Before I begin I would like to say thank you to my teacher Mr. Fish, and that most of what I am saying came from him.

There was once a group of people that came down from Scandinavia, and across the Danube River. These people were the Goths. The time was 376 AD. Also, around this time the Goths split into 2 parties – West and East, the Visigoths(West) and the Ostrogoths(East). But we will be focusing on the Visigoths today. The Visigoths first colonized on the south side of the Danube River.

In Roman territory.

They were able to make a deal with the Romans to colonize the area in modern day Ukraine probably. They were also promised food! BUT! Just as the Visigoths had started settling down, there was a famine, and the Romans took all the land they had promised, and  food they had promised, and took it for themselves.

You can probably imagine what happened next. The Visigoths got pretty ruffled up.

They got mad and attacked the Romans for about 5-6 years in other Roman territories as well as the battle of Adrianople during this time. Alaric 1 (who we will talk about a little bit more later) led the Visigoths in the battle of Adrianople. He is the most famous Visigoth war leader. After the battle of Adrianople the Visigoths began their march to Rome. Alaric 1 became their leader on the march to Rome which was about 394-395 AD

Now, unfortunately for Rome they were already pretty weak from other barbaric tribes attacking them, but then as the Visigoths came and fought them, seeing as they were already weak, practically eradicated the Roman Empire. Alaric 1 was also the one who led them in their siege on Rome.

Alaric 1 ended his reign around 410. Whether from death or age or just his resigning from the duty. Then, the Franks came to the aid of the Romans and pressured the Visigoths out of Italy and into the Iberian Peninsula (where Spain and Portugal are today). But, the Visigoths trouble didn’t stop there… The Muslims tried to come and take their land, but the Visigoths were successful in warding them off. The first time. The Muslims came a second time, and the Visgoths weren’t so successful in warding them off the second time. The Muslims ended the mighty Visigoth Empire in 718. I don’t know what happened after that, but hopefully it was good!

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