They sailed the seas…

Hi! Today I am writing about the Vikings, one of my many favorite cultures!

The Vikings were a tribe that originated, and came from places in Scandinavia like Norway, Denmark and Sweden. People today still call them pirates, bloodthirsty and merciless raiders, and while some of that is true, the Vikings at home were, in fact, a very orderly and clean people. Though, I can’t say the same for there fighting style…

Probably some of the reason for these raids was that they wanted to explore, and get more land and, if anybody got in their way, that person would probably literally get hacked down to size. Also,their name in Norse actually means “expeditions” (and “seamen”) which could also probably have some motivation for them to go and explore, I mean, seriously, if your title (Viking) means “expeditions” don’t you think you should go on an expedition?

There are some common mistakes that people make with Vikings, and one of them even surprised me!

Did Vikings actually wear horned helmets?

No. Actually they didn’t! Crazy right? And for all this time you and I have been thinking that Vikings wore horned helmets. But, for real, they didn’t. Why? Well, horns would have been a not so good idea on your helmet because that is a bit of added weight to your head then normal… And, if they ever wore horned helmets it would have been for decoration. It also gives them that barbarish look to them…

Did Vikings ever act civilized?

Yes, they actually did. As I mentioned earlier, they are a very clean and orderly people. AT HOME! Their fighting style is very, VERY chaotic. As soon as a raid began it would be all plundering, killing and taking slaves. Very chaotic.

But, what made their raids so successful? Well, not everything was always so perfect, but what made a huge difference? Their ships.

One of the most recognized items in all Viking history! There were actually 2 kinds of Viking ship:

  • A Longship – A raiding ship – shallower, and longer (duh!)
  • A Knarr – A trading ship for goods – bigger, and deeper

They also had a variety of weapons, most popular though was the battle-ax, there were also swords and spears and the famous round buckler that they carried around with them and on their ships.

I hope you liked this post! I would also like to thank my teacher, Mr. Fish for his time and his information that he provides in his lessons.

Joke Time!!!

What kind of car does a sheep drive?

A LAMB-orghini! 


Quinn Palmer

RPC student

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