Two not-so-HASTY battles.

Today I am writing about the topic of: The Conquest of England as my teacher put it. This includes the Battle of Stamford Bridge and the Battle of Hastings. (do you get the title now?:)

This happened around 1066 AD.

King Edward of England had died without claiming an heir to his throne, which was kind of a mistake on his part. But, Harold Godwinson, the Earl of Wessix, was elected by a council to become king. But somebody else was wanting to be king…

William of Normandy was upset that Harold was the king and thought that he deserved the throne more then him. So, once William heard that Harold was to become king, he quickly made ready his army and set off for England, and during that time, the king of Norway, Harald Hardrada thought that he deserved the throne too. Tostig Godwinson also came to help Hardrada.  Does that name sound familiar? It should because Tostig is Harold’s (Saxon king) younger brother! Crazy, right?  But Harald got to King Harold first. (is that confusing?)

So on September 25 1066 AD The Norwegians attacked the Saxons. It was a big, bloody battle and there was great loss on both sides, but both Harald and Tostig were killed. The Saxons had won a giant victory, and that battle was the close of the Viking Era.

But they still had to deal with William…

So after the Battle at Stamford Bridge (close to York), way up north in England, the Saxon army had to travel down south on the other side of England! The place of the battle was called Senlac Hill just a little north of Hastings. The Saxons held their defense for quite some time even though they were battle weary already. But, the Normans were able to draw out the Saxons, and there they crushed them on the spot. The Normans started firing volleys of arrows, and during the charge, Harold took an arrow to the EYE! OW! And whether by that arrow or not, Harold Godwinson, the King of England, died.

And then the Normans stormed all the way to London, taking it by siege. So William of Normandy, became king. ( he later became known as William the Conquerer)

I hope you found this post informative! Thanks to my teacher Mr. Fish, and for his helpful lessons.


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