The Casting of Castles

Hi! Today I am writing about the construction of castles, why they were needed way back when, and what they are used for now.

Most older castles were built out of earth and wood and they probably can’t be seen visibly any more, but more modern castles are built out of stone. If you look at a picture of Castle Windsor, you’ll probably see a couple of things, like a big outer wall known as a curtain wall. Also, on the inside of the wall, you might see a big round tower called a keep, meant for providing protection for the nobles when the castle was attacked. If you look even closer at the keep you will see a small wall, also called a bailey, protecting it and, looking even closer, the keep looks like it is on a hill of some sort… Well, big surprise, it is a hill of some sort!  The hill the castle is built on was not there by good fortune, but it is actually MAN-MADE! And they didn’t even have any modern construction tools that we have today (besides a shovel and a hoe, maybe.)The purpose of this mound was to make it hard to attack the keep or entire castle.( if the castle was small enough…)It is hard to run up a hill in heavy armor! This giant mound is called a motte, thus the building style of the 1100’s and up is called Motte-and-Bailey.

Some castles had moats! THAT would be something cool to have around your castle, besides the part where you could fall off and possibly drown, but it would definitely make it harder on your enemies to try and invade you!

Now, from 1066 to about the 1100’s the Normans ruled over England and since they weren’t English they weren’t accepted as the rulers, so there were revolts and rebellions so the Normans needed to be protected from these revolts, so they built a lot of castles to establish their reign over England.

Today, when you see castles by photo or actually see one in real life, then you might be able to see or hint that castles are more seen as a big hotel with awesome food, beds, views, tours then as military defense houses.

I hope you found this post informative and I need to thank my teacher, Mr. Fish for his helpful videos and information.


(say this joke out loud)

Say ROAST  five times fast


What do you put in the toaster?


Ok, you can look now…

Did you say TOAST? Well, you don’t put TOAST in the toaster you put BREAD!!

 Quinn Palmer

RPC student

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