Smartphones: Do they have to deal with finances?

Hi! Today is a Personal Finance essay from RPC (Ron Paul Curriculum) about smartphones and the things they do to help us with finances/ businesses.

I currently don’t have a smartphone or any kind of phone. Whether it be Android, iPhone, Microsoft, or Samsung. Now I don’t want to lecture anybody who reads this and has a smartphone, but one major thing I want to say is that I don’t care what apps you have on your phone and what you can do on them, but rather, what useful things can you do on or with your smartphone? Think about that question…

Alright, do have some items/apps in mind? I think just by guessing, you found about two or three apps or so. Maybe more? Here are some I found.

  • an app for your checking and savings account* (if you don’t its all alright)
  • calculator (most phones already have them)
  • if you work for a business that deals with money often, maybe they have a business app for workers
  • bank app*


I am fourteen and, as I said earlier, I don’t have a smartphone and I am O.K. with that. Some parents get their kid(s) a phone solely for the purpose of calling in an emergency. And I have seen 10 yr. old and others who have phones for social media, texting, calling and games. A lot of adults and some kids and teenagers are good about their phone and use it for only what you need.

Some people don’t upgrade and still have the old flip phone for business and calling and texting.

I hope you found this post informative and be ready for more next time! Thanks to my teacher, Mr. Terrell


A vulture gets on to a plane with two dead raccoons but the attendant comes up and says ” I am sorry sir, but you can only have one carrion (carry-on).”   A joke a friend told me.


Quinn Palmer

RPC student

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One thought on “Smartphones: Do they have to deal with finances?

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  1. Yes, smartphones can be a great tool and a help. But people (kids and adults alike!) have to be mature and disciplined. You are well on your way to being a responsible smartphone owner.


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