Hi, and welcome to a post about the Investiture Controversy. Wait! don’t leave yet. I am going to be talking about two men who had an argument about something  that was a really big deal to them way back when, and those two men were:

  • Pope Gregory VII
  • Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV

Let us begin in 1076…

The Western Church was trying to be as separate as possible from civil government while still having the same influence. But there was dispute between Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII, and they were arguing and disagreeing on who should be able to appoint bishops, and who, pretty much, owned that power. But there were two sides of the argument.

  • Pope believed he was the leader/head of the church.
  • King Henry believed he was the one with the power and authority to appoint bishops.

King Henry, in retaliation of the Pope being stubborn, disapproved of the Pope’s rights, and stated that Gregory was no longer capable of being the Pope. The Pope, in retaliation to those words excommunicated the King! Which was a bold move for the Pope, seeing as how when a king is excommunicated he is stripped of his title as king. But after more arguments and disagreements, Pope Gregory VII passed away before an agreement was decided, and the new agreement was saying that the King could no longer decide or appoint bishops, also, the bishops were under the rule of the King so they could not do anything without consent of the King.

After the all the fighting was over King Henry IV was reinstated as king, and hopefully the bishops and king were able to find a new Pope… 😋


I hope you found this post informative and you enjoyed it. Thanks to my teacher Mr. Fish.

Quinn Palmer

RPC student


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