KHAN you guess what this post is about?

Today I am writing about someone who lived near the Gobi Desert and present day Mongolia which is right next to China, he was born into a tribe of people known as the Mongols (but the actual name of the tribe was the Borjigin tribe). Do you know who it is yet?

He would later in life become a very powerful leader…? Alright, you have three choices.

Was it:

  1. Muhammad
  2. Charlemange
  3. Genghis Khan

Have you made your choice? If you answered Genghis Khan you have won an essay on this man! If you answered other? Well, you can still enjoy this essay!

Genghis Khan was not actually born with the name that is still so famous today, he would recieve the title, Genghis Khan, later in life. His birth name was Temujin, and even as a young boy, he acted like an adult! He didn’t take advice, was strongwilled and very independent of himself. He got married at sixteen years of age to a young women named Börte, from the Onngiart tribe, unifying Temujin’s tribe and Börte’s tribe together. But unfortunately, their marriage did not get a happy start because Börte was captured by a rival tribe. But, Temujin went and rescued her and they enjoyed a good and happy life together*. Now it was Temujin’s turn to get captured (not on purpose). It happened during one of the really early stages of the Mongolian Empire, he was captured and taken prisoner, and with the help of some friends, they helped him escape. After that the Mongolian Empire really began to take shape. *(added note: Temujin also practiced polygamy meaning he had more than one wife)

Temujin was an excellent military planner and strategist, training himself and soldiers to be ready for battle whenever the time arose, which was quite often. He trained his soldiers to ride their horses without the use of their hands, and developed a spy network to always be in the know of what his enemies planned to do next! After being in the business of war for so long and conquering the rival neighboring tribes, and dominating so much, he earned the title of Genghis Khan which also translates to “Universal Ruler”, this title had as much military significance as it did religious significance, and many people thought he was destined to go on and rule the world!

In 1219 AD,  the governor of Otrar challenged and harassed Genghis Khan, even going as far as invading! Genghis Khan would not stand for this, and as a reply to the governor, went and destroyed them. Yep, no big deal just a civilization getting wiped out… This ended the Muslim Kwharizim dynasty that was in power then, and he was able to take control most of central Asia.

Now with Temujin as the Great Khan, he did have to lay down some rules to live by, these laws were put into a code called the Yassa, and it was made by Genghis Khan, so if anyone didn’t follow it or care, the punishment was usually death. Another really cool thing about Genghis Khan is that he tolerated almost all religions, even Christianity! As long as it didn’t go against the Yassa and his own standards he let it be. One mystery that science still has yet to uncover is that we don’t know how, when, and where Genghis Khan died, it could have been from all the battles he fought so frequently, injuries, and other sicknesses.  They buried him in a place where a river could be diverted to flow over it, and that is exactly what they did. Anyone that saw them walking with the casket to the burial site or saw any of the burial processions was killed so that the funeral could be private and so no one could know where he was buried.

Today, Genghis Khan is seen as a marauder and plunderer and destructive, raiding man, but is also seen as someone with amazing leadership skills on the battlefield and as the leader of a civil government. He built up the largest empire in the world! I don’t know about you but I have changed my look on the life Genghis Khan led.

Thank you for looking at my essay! I hope you found it informative and also thanks to my teacher Mr. Fish.

Quinn Palmer

RPC student


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