Different is…good?

Today I am doing a writing on Petrarch, only one of many reformers who lived and made a difference on the Renaissance Era

First a little bit about him:

His full name: Francesco Petrarca

His profession: He had a job in law but he didn’t enjoy it, he had some clerical positions(as my teacher put it) but later decided to be a writer and reader.

He was born in: Arezzo, Italy

He is known as the Father of the Renaissance because the way he did things was not at all normal! And the Renaissance (‘Renaissance’ in Italian means rebirth) focused on doing new things and bringing new ideas to light. Did you know Petrarch is seen and known as the “first tourist”? Yep, he went and traveled Europe just for the pleasure and enjoyment of it! Do you know how much happier the world be if anyone could travel the world for fun?! He went and climbed Mt. Ventoux for fun! Nowadays, climbing a mountain can be everyday life but back then it was not usual for someone to go and climb a mountain for the fun of it.

He wrote many, many sonnets and poems and they are still seen as famous and important today.

Now, you may be wondering, “How did Petrarch help the world?”

Well, the way I see it, Petrarch helped the world (mostly Europe) try new things and bring new ideas to light. We might still be confined to the daily routine and never try new things as often. Petrarch continued to write and travel up until he died on July 19, 1374*

*Kind of fun fact: Petrarch was born July 20 1304, so Petrarch would have turned 70 years old the next day after he died!

I hope you found this post informative and thank you to my teacher Mr. Fish!


What noise do you get when you mix a chicken and a cuckoo bird?




Quinn Palmer

RPC Student







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