The Earth is WHERE?

Did you know that about 1800 years ago (200 AD) that an astronomer and astrologist  named Ptolemy made a theory about how the Earth was the center of our solar system? And people believed him, for 1200 years?! Crazy right? In the 1400's, during the Renaissance, one man finally decided that Ptolemy's theory of a... Continue Reading →


Arts During the Renaissance

ART stands for Artists from the Renaissance Time! Two of them are very famous today, but not as well recognized as some names like, Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo, but are still just as famous today as they were 600 years ago. These two men were: Botticelli Raphael Sandro Botticelli was an Italian painter from the *Florentine school,... Continue Reading →

Gut’s PrInTiNg pReSs

I learned that there was a man who was named Johannes Gutenberg (pronounced: gootenberg) who, in the mid 1400's, created the printing press with movable type! Which made printing all the easier because before movable type you had to cast a mold of type or words in order to be able to print a page which could take... Continue Reading →

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