Gut’s PrInTiNg pReSs


I learned that there was a man who was named Johannes Gutenberg (pronounced: gootenberg) who, in the mid 1400’s, created the printing press with movable type!

Which made printing all the easier because before movable type you had to cast a mold of type or words in order to be able to print a page which could take one or two days, but with the amazing invention of movable type you could get started almost right away! One thing that made Johannes really famous was his printing of the Bible(s). Most families did not have there own set of the Bible for themselves and Gutenberg changed it for the better.

Thanks to Gutenberg, we now have many older documents (from the time of the American Revolution and so on) that we might not have were it not for the invention of movable type!

Quinn Palmer

RPC Student


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