The Earth is WHERE?

Did you know that about 1800 years ago (200 AD) that an astronomer and astrologist  named Ptolemy made a theory about how the Earth was the center of our solar system? And people believed him, for 1200 years?! Crazy right?

In the 1400’s, during the Renaissance, one man finally decided that Ptolemy’s theory of a *geocentric solar system was wrong.  This man was Nicolaus Copernicus.  His proposal of a *heliocentric solar system greatly rattled the world of science and the church! (*added note: GEO-centric means that the earth is the center our solar system, and HELIO-centric means the sun is center of our solar system.) Copernicus studied long and hard about his theory and eventually came up with 7 reasons why his theory was correct, and he put these reasons into his book called: *De revolutionibus erbium coelestium. He was pressured and told to publish it but he took a long time to publish it, and when he did he almost didn’t see it. He developed paralysis and internal bleeding (I don’t know how) and was able to see it before he passed away in 1453.  They say that his masterpiece was delivered to him the day he died. (*Added note: De revolutionibus erbium coelestium stands for  “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres”)

Can you imagine living in a world where information about our solar system was wrong? It wouldn’t have been until the world’s first rocket launch to see that the SUN is the center of system. I’ll have to get a telescope soon!

Quinn Palmer

RPC student

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