VIII (8) Facts about Henry VIII


This is 👑King Henry VIII of England and I would like to tell you eight, and only eight, facts  about what he was like!

I.  As a kid, King Henry was given a very good education but he was very athletic and enjoyed the outdoors.

II. He was not supposed to be King for a while but his brother, Arthur, died unexpectedly and he became King in 1509.

III. He was 11 years old when he became King.

IV. He wanted to divorce his first wife because she could not bear a son which would become his heir. He wanted to have a son so that his lines would be kept going.

V. Henry became obese and he could not move around without help from machines.

VI. After six marriages Henry had two daughters (Mary and Elizabeth) and one son (Edward, who would become his successor).

VII. Henry did not support the Protestantism movement.

VIII. Henry died in London on January 28, 1547

Quinn Palmer

RPC Student

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