NEWS FLASH! English Colony of settlers Disappears! (400 years ago)

Hello, I’m Q. Palmer and tonight, on QUINNtessential News, a rattling event where a colony of English settlers  were lost to the world over 400 years ago…  The Lost Colony of Roanoke! Let’s get started.

About 400 years ago a very important man named Walter Raleigh was allowed, by Elizabeth 1, to organize a colony in the New World off the coast of modern North Carolina on an island called Roanoke. He put the colony under the leadership of John White, because Raleigh couldn’t stay while he was involved in the English Parliament, but he did try and support them from a distance.

The following year, after building the colony up a bit, creating huts, making food storages, learning to hunt, the colony’s leader, John White was sent back to England for supplies and goods for the colony and, round trip, the journey would take one year. But, while he was in port collecting goods and supplies, the Queen would not let any ships out of the dock because they may have to be used in defense against the Spanish Armada and invasion (the Anglo-Spanish War that was currently being fought at the time).  After it was safe to leave again, John White set out immediately but was constantly being distracted and sidetracked and didn’t get to Roanoke Island until THREE YEARS after he supposed to be back. But, I assume there was a big panic attack because, everyone was gone. Not one person in sight.  Unfortunately, QUINNtessential News was unable to get a reporter on scene but records from John White and the crew say that the only thing they could find as a clue to learn about the whereabouts of the settlers was a few signs and trees inscribed with the word CROATOAN on it. This could be suggesting that the settlers moved from Roanoke Island to the nearby Island of Croatoan, but due to inclement weather they could not search the island.  I don’t think they ever did.

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Many other public news programs and researchers have asked scientists about what they think about this very strange event, and many speculations suggest that the settlers were wiped out by disease, an attack, or they starved to death. This was not seen as a failure but as an opportunity for more settlers to leave their homes and create new ones and to have an adventure!

Next Week, we get an interview at the ship that our forefathers used to cross the ocean, the “MayFlower”.

That’s all we have for you tonight Ladies and Gentleman, we hope you have found a deeper understanding of History also a thanks to our sponsor, AllThingsQUINNtessential for giving us most of this info.

I am Q. Palmer and have a good night.

Quinn Palmer

RPC Student

(My real “sponsor” is RPC. Thank you!)


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