The Mayflower’s really short biography Authored by: Q. Palmer


The Mayflower was the vessel that carried the pilgrims all the way from the West coast of England to modern-day Cape Cod at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts during the year 1620.  I don’t think it gets as much credit as it deserves so I want to focus on the Mayflower for this post.

First of all, this is a photo of a replica Mayflower!

As you can see, trying to fit 102 people on this boat along with supplies was probably very hard!

The pilgrims were a group of people who wanted to get away from England so that they could practice their own religion. You should also know that the “Mayflower” was not supposed to travel alone with all 102 settlers (plus the crew) on its back because there was one more boat called the “Speedwell” ,but it sprang a leak as the Pilgrims were leaving  so they returned to Dartmouth, England to get it repaired but again, as they were setting off, it sprang another leak! Pretty coincidental that the boat sprang a leak TWICE and JUST as they were leaving! One suggestion is that the crew of the “Speedwell” was scared about the journey and backed out of the contract that they had with the Pilgrims, but that made the journey a ton more complicated! They had to transfer all the people and supplies(not many) over to the already very crowded “Mayflower” and continue on with out the other boat.  After 66 days ( about two months)  on the rough sea, the pilgrims finally landed on Plymouth Rock in November of 1620.

Somehow, the Mayflower did it, but just barely!  It was the “Mayflower’s” destiny to carry all of the pilgrims across the ocean.  I think it signifies that the road to staying true to what you believe can be a long and hard one, but worth it in the end!

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