ORANGE you glad William helped them?

One orange joke before we begin!

Why do oranges wear sun-tan lotion?

Because they PEEL!    (hahaha!)

Now, back in the day when not many orange jokes were told, during the 16th century there was a Lutheran, German nobleman named William of Orange.

He joined a group of revolters that wanted to get rid of the Spanish Crown’s hold on the Netherlands.  He probably also that he felt some obligation to help his fellow Lutherans gain religious freedom. Once, he was caught financially helping the revolts and he was to be punished along with other revolters in court, but he never came so he was declared an outlaw.  But even as an outlaw he was still a supported politician among the people and he was able to start gathering an army to get Spanish rule out of the Netherlands. Unfortunately, William started the 80 Years’ War which continued long after he had died. The war started in 1568 and ended in 1648 with the Netherlands claiming their independence from Spain.


William of Orange was assassinated in his home in 1584 by a Catholic Frenchman. The assassin’s name was Baltasar Gerard and he tried to escape, but he was  caught and he paid for the crime he had committed.

Even though William was dead, he was thought to be a hero for helping the Dutch claim their independence and helping give the Lutherans their religious freedom.

Quinn Palmer

RPC student

One more orange joke!

Why did the orange go out with a prune?

Because he couldn’t get a Date!       (hahaha!)


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