Not-so Divine Right of Kings👑

“With great power comes great responsibility” -Spiderman

In the 17th century, when James 1 was King of England he was able to enjoy the privileges of the Divine Right of Kings which was a rule where they thought God gave the King his power and not the people.  James believed that with the Divine Right of Kings he could do what ever he wanted, whenever he wanted and that kind of thinking made the relationship of his son, James 1, with the English Parliament very unsteady.

When James 1 became King he tried to take control of Scotland by switching their religion while using the Divine Right Kings. One thing that turned out being useful during James’s reign was the printing of the Authorized Version of the Bible or the King James Version.  The Scottish people rebelled and the English Crown and Scottish people/government (even though Scotland and England are connected) both started more than enough civil wars and wars with each other and within their countries.

So as you can probably tell from this post so far the Divine Right of Kings was really not as Divine as you would think and was used for the wrong purposes, but that’s how it was back then and today is completely different where we can forget all that history of war and evil and start a new page today.

Quinn Palmer

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