Go to Australia TODAY!

Welcome! How would you like to take a vacation to Australia with “no expenses”?  (I would love to have a  ” no expenses”  trip but that’s not quite how the world works:)  Would you take this offer?  Here are some fun things about Australia that I think you would like!


Favorite Attractions

In Australia, you can visit the very strange mountain, Uluru and the Sydney Opera House.

One interesting occupation in Australia is the mining of Opal!

The Aborigines created drawings that depicted what they thought was on the inside of humans or what ever they drew.

The Great Barrier Reef is also very famous because of how long it is, but exploring it is a blast! Did you know that the island of Australia is the only island considered a continent?  Pretty cool, right?

Beach Life

Get a boat to take you to a secluded island were you can enjoy the pristine beaches that have been untouched by man!  The wild life is also very amazing! You can swim alongside turtles and dolphins!  There are huge varieties of fish to be seen as you SCUBA dive or snorkel along the beaches.  Do be careful when swimming there are many dangerous animals on Australia, especially in the water. Always be cautious.

Australian ‘Toys’ 

The didgeridoo is one instrument that is native to Australia but also one of the strangest! Sometimes Aborigines will play this in the streets and create many strange noises with it.

The boomerang was once used as a tool for the Aborigines to hunt kangaroos with.  Today it still can be used for its original purpose, but it is now used as a fun toy to play with your family. Be sure to pick one up while you’re there!

I hope you want to now take a nice trip to Australia now that you know a little more about it! ( I sure do!)

Quinn Palmer

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