The Doors of History…

In this post I finish up with what I learned throughout my history posts.

So, what DID I learn?

I learned and believe that many people were open to change and reform.

This was exemplified in the Renaissance.  Many people took on the humanist ways, philosophies and ideas. The styles of the art, specifically, painting were also cultivated.  Another example, was the Protestant Reformation.  Martin Luther, Father of Protestantism, stated what he thought was right in his 95 Theses and started a whole new movement and religion!

This was the ‘School of Athens’ painted by Raffaello Sanzio during  the Renaissance.

I believe I have confirmed, for myself, that we live in a world filled with imperfect people!

In kingdoms and dynasties all across the world, all the monarchs could think about was their power. Showing how much power they had and using as much as they wanted.  This was a problem in England during the 15th century when King Henry VIII thought that he was better than everybody else, even God and the church.  He felt he could do whatever he pleased.  The English Parliament even acknowledged him as Supreme Ruler of Church and State! You think this Act of Supremacy and the “power” he called the Divine Right of Kings would give you some ego?  France also had a monarch, Louis XIV, who used this, as well as the following king.  I don’t think any of the monarchs used this “power” for the right things.

I learned that, in humans, the urge to go and explore is built-in.

Some feel it stronger than others. Today, it might not be crossing an ocean but our desire is satisfied when we find what we are looking for.  I think some people went sailing and exploring just for the exhilaration and fun of thinking, “Maybe we’ll find some thing!”  Hence why people like Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World, even though the sudden want to explore came about 200-300 years after he had died.  Spain, the Netherlands, France and England were some of the major counties that made expeditions to the New World  and everywhere else.  Spain controlled almost all of Mexico and small colonies in South America.  England and France fought over some territory on the East Coast.  England claimed what later became the United States and France claimed modern-day Canada.

Many countries liked to colonize because, if the colony was successful, then the mother country would get an increase in wealth.  England was one these but it was too controlling of its colonies and sucked the natural resources out them whenever they thought they needed them.  This and the Taxation Acts were some of the reasons why England’s colonies broke away and became the 13 Colonies seperate from England.   Even though the Bill of Rights wasn’t created yet, everybody still, I believe, has the “right” of free agency and the right to stand up for their liberty instead of being pushed and guided by a tyrant country.  This was how the Revolutionary War started.

And to top it off, the biggest thing I have noticed and learned out of this whole time studying history is that you can see the same stories that happened hundreds of years or, maybe only a half-a-century ago, being replayed again just with different faces. It’s one big cycle!

I don’t know who said this quote but I know it has been said: “The Doors of History turn on small hinges.”    I think this is a true quote, because it only takes a small incident, event or affair to trigger a big event or story.

Quinn Palmer

RPC Student

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