Two weeks ago, my family and I visited the east coast of Korea.  And, no matter where you go on any coast of Korea or any part of Asia, for that matter, you will have a very big selection of seafood.   I got to try some… interesting… things while at a seafood restaurant  with some friends.   Here is a photo of some of the foods I got to try.

 Top : A type of sea snail.  Right: squid  Left: sea squirts (They literally tasted like the ocean!)  Bottom: sea cucumber (they were tough to chew)   We also had shrimp!

So, as you can see it was a very new experience to try all of these things!  If you don’t like seafood, I suggest that you don’t visit the coasts of Korea!

Quinn Palmer


Author: quinndippery

I love history but didn't really care about it until I started the RonPaul curriculum! I am taking a History course in this program right now. My posts are about the Middle ages dating back to the Fall of the Western Roman Empire to the American Revolution! Come take a look at my site and I'll just come and visit yours!

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