The 4/9 Market

This market opens locally in my city of Songtan on every day that ends in a 4 or a 9.  So, like the 14th or the 29th.  This was the first time that my family and I had gone all together.  I was surprised to see as many little “shops” as I did.  All of them selling a lot of different products like produce, fish and clothes.   Here are some photos that my brother, Brice and I took together.  Enjoy!

The딸기 (pronounced: “dalgi”) here in Korea are AMAZING!
Korean produce.jpg
야체 (vegetables; pronounced: “ya-chae”) are used in kimchi and many other dishes
IMG_8559 1.JPG
You can also buy 옷 (clothing; pronounced like: “oht”) for you and your kids here!
고추 (chili pepper; pronounced: “go-choo”) is an ingredient in almost everything spicy and red! Like kimchi.
These are only some of the many, many spicy side-dishes that you can eat.  One of the ingredients is the powder from crushed chilis like in the photo above.  The little plastic containers you see on your left are a paste for a popular soup dish called 된장 (soy-bean paste; pronounced: dwen-jang)
IMG_8563 1.JPG
This is probably my favorite photo that I took at the market.  Two 할머니(‘s) (grandmother; pronounced: hal-mo-nee) taking advantage of the time that the market is here.

Leave a comment below on things that you have experienced whether in a foreign country or close to you wherever you live.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Quinn Palmer



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  1. I love going to markets when I’m overseas!! Gives you insight into their culture!! I like how they choose to open on dates ending with 4 and 9, how interesting!


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