Four Simple Steps to Take Over a Country

What I am about to tell you is the best way to take over a country!   But, in order for you to understand why this strategy works so well, I have to tell you a story:

Charles V lived in the 16th Century and was originally from the Lowlands or Netherlands.  When he inherited the crown and became King of Spain, he was only king for a couple of years  before he was elected to succeed his grandfather as Holy Roman Emperor.  In order to be coronated, he had to leave Spain and go to Germany.  During his absence he left one of the officials in charge — an official he had brought from the Netherlands.  Charles was likely scared that if he left a Spaniard in charge then they would take over and he would lose the crown.  His fears were not made-up because the Spanish people and government did not care much for their foreign king, especially that did not speak Spanish.  In his defense, he was learning! Just not very fast.  But now, they REALLY hated him for leaving a bunch of lowlanders who thought that they were better than the Spanish people in charge of their country.  Like me, you can now understand why my instructor, Tom Woods, points out that “the various provincial assemblies (known as the Cortes) hesitated to accept Charles as their king.”

When Charles got back, having been successfully coronated as H.R.E, Spain was in a mess.  The Spanish people had revolted against the foreign officials and the officials had lost control.  The Spanish aristocrats had sided with the officials though, not to help put down the threat of a revolt, but so that they, the aristocrats, could avoid a ‘class war’ and keep their power and wealth.   Meanwhile, all that the Spanish people wanted was self-government within their own provinces.  Maybe they went about it in the wrong way?  But Spain had been completely spent.  While Charles was not.  So it was really easy for him to take back control and reorganize Spain.

The best way to take control of a country is to make the citizens angry, leave for a while, (hint: take a vacation!), put some friends from another country in charge, come back when both sides are just exhausted from fighting and arguing, and “Voila!”– take back control!  Perfect.

Quinn Palmer

RPC Student


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