Death by Gochu

Just the other day, my family and I went to a 삼겹살, (pronounced: sam-gyop-sal) restaurant, or barbecue house, and there is a particular meat that is served there, sam-gyop-sal, is really good!

However, this time as we began to eat, I eagerly bit into a favorite side-dish of mine.  A spicy green pepper, called a gochu pepper, dipped into a pepper sauce, which is also made out of peppers.  Most of the time, the pepper itself is not really that spicy and the spice only lasts for a little bit.  This time though I was in for a BIG surprise.  I bit about half of the pepper off and immediately, I had the most intense burning, throat-searing feeling that I have ever felt in my mouth.  This was a very, very, very spicy pepper.  It felt like my mouth was going to just explode!  I felt so ridiculous.  For people who know peppers, you know that drinking milk is the best way to get rid of the heat of a pepper.  No Korean restaurants ever have milk though!   So, I just struggled through the heat and burning.  That terrible, hot feeling lasted for another fifteen minutes!

This is the type of pepper that I ate, and that I will probably not eat ever again!

I can’t believe that other peppers are even spicier!  So, since then, I haven’t tried any of the peppers and have been a little traumatized by that experience.  Now, when I get up the courage to try another pepper like that, I will just be a little bit more cautious.  And always have some milk close by.

잘 가요!

Quinn Palmer



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