Wanna See Awesome Cars? Come To Korea!

As you will probably tell by the pictures below, there are many people in Korea who enjoy being able to drive around in big, fancy cars, make a good amount of money and maybe like to show off.  A lot.

These are some photos that my family and I have snapped of some really sweet cars!


In this photo, there are what look like two Porches 911’s,  a Ferrari 458 (lower left, middle right) (bottom right)and a Bentley Continental (front right).  The Ferrari is probably my personal favorite:)




In this photo, there is a car I thought I would probably never see.  A Mercedes-Benz SLS (AMG?).  If there is someone who can identify this car completely, please comment below!


In this pic, is a Ferrari F430!  It doesn’t look quite like the others, in a savage, chill-you-to-the-bone kind of way.  But, if that car wasn’t able to wear the “Prancing Horse” badge then Ferrari would not have made it.

Some other car experiences while here in Korea:

-On the island of Jeju on the south side of Korea, my family and I passed an older Rolls-Royce car.

-In the capital city of Seoul, you can see Bentleys, Jaguars and Maseratis just about everywhere!

All over Korea, some of the most common cars are Mercedes and BMWs.

In the parking garage for our apartment, is a nice Maserati parked on B1.

So, if you ever want to see nice cars, just travel to Korea!  It might be worth it.

Quinn Palmer

Young car enthusiast


Author: quinndippery

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