Q&A with Quinn Palmer on Business and Robots

Hello, and welcome to QUINNtessential News.  Tonight we interview a teenager whose name is, coincidentally, Quinn!   The program will be a Q&A based around this question:  “Why is running my own business a way to guarantee my employment in 2030?”

Lets begin!

Q: “Quinn how do you feel about this question?”

A: “Actually I feel that, even though I haven’t started a business, being an entrepreneur can be quite a risk and may be hard.  I believe though that there are many advantages to doing it this way:  One, how can you get fired or let go from a job you created and own?  You can still go out of business, but other than that you are pretty safe from getting let go or losing your job.”

Q:  “Yes, that’s true.  We see almost daily that thousands of people get let go or fired because, for example, robots taking up jobs and them being more efficient than humans.   Do you feel that this may be a threat to your progression in a self-owned business?”

A:   “As of right now and twenty years into the future?  No.  Mostly because robots are currently being designed to take over ‘routine jobs’. Jobs you don’t need a college degree or years in college for.  In fact, because of all these robots, it will open up new doors in the working field and create new jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.  Someone can be a code, or a robot repair-man.  Makes me think of Star Wars! A robotic revolution is probably coming, but it shouldn’t be something to be afraid of.  We should be getting ready for and anticipating it.”

Alright, thank you very much Quinn for joining me, but unfortunately that is all the time we have tonight, so thank you again and good night.

Quinn Palmer

RPC Student and future business owner


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