Glorious Revolution: Why is it Glorious?

This week’s post is about the Glorious Revolution during the 17th Century.  But what is it that makes it so glorious?  What was being revolutionized? The Glorious Revolution started in 1688  and is famous, and named ‘Glorious’ for the fact that the throne was shifted from a legitimate ruler to an illegitimate one without civil... Continue Reading →


John Locke: Owning property to keep government in it’s place

Government has no other end, but the preservation of property. -- John Locke I think this quote means that government has no other purpose but to help it’s citizens acquire property and to protect them from anybody that might try to take it from them. Wow.  If you’ve ever followed politics, this is definitely not... Continue Reading →

Conclusion for: “A Bus of My Own”

I just finished reading the book, "A Bus of My Own"  an autobiography written by long-time PBS news-anchor, James "Jim" Lehrer.  Now, I just wanted to share my favorite story from this book with you. My favorite story in this book is in the very last chapter, when he finally fulfills his one, lifelong goal... Continue Reading →

A Change of Heart(-attack)

In my English Course for the Ron Paul Curriculum, I was asked to read the book: A Bus of My Own by James Lehrer.  James Lehrer, more casually known as Jim Lehrer, was a news reporter and fictional writer during the 1950's.  He retired in 2011 as a news-anchor for the PBS NewsHour. There was one part,... Continue Reading →

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