Going the Extra Mile

The most general goal any future entrepreneur has is to find a niche in the market of goods and services, and to fill it with their product.  However, with many people finding ways to build their own business from home, and still others finding creative and unique ways to fill people’s needs, how does a little start-up business keep up with all the competition?  Have you ever heard the phrase, “going the extra mile”?

“Going the extra mile” is a phrase that means to contribute more or better quality work than a person is paid to perform, and doing it with a good, happy attitude.  So then, the answer to how to keep up and fit in with all the other companies in your part of the market, is to go the extra mile willingly!  Going the extra mile is the answer because if you perform the bare minimum required in a job or in your own business, you will be making the least amount of money that you could be making and people may not want your services if you only put in minimal effort.  People can easily find a replacement, because when they pay you, they essentially are saying that your services are of more worth to them than their money.

Your services need to feel to the customer that they are worth spending money on.  So, if you put in the work and effort necessary to fulfill your customer’s needs and then still provide for your needs, then people are going to look for you first before any other service because you provide more or better work for them regardless of how much you sell your services for.

It is easier to go the extra mile than you might think, and totally worth it in the long run because it not only impresses those you come into contact with, but builds good habits of putting in efficient work for the people’s benefit.   “Going the extra mile” is the most sensible and smart way to run a business.


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