The Benefits And Flaws Of Transgenic Crops

Bioscientists have been conducting research to find new ways of using transgenic plants to help the nutritional needs of people world-wide.  Many of the tests have been successful and there is one plant in particular I want to share with you. One new use for plants that has been discovered is the genetic modification of... Continue Reading →


Negative and Positive Sanctions

John Thompson, an escaped slave during the 1800's wrote an autobiography about his 25 years in the slave system.  A main theme throughout his book were his views on positive and negative sanctions in the slave system.  While he was in the slave system, he saw the consequences of cruel treatment from some owners, and... Continue Reading →

The Second Industrial Revolution

The Second Industrial Revolution of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries saw many new inventions and advances in industrial production.  Many of these products are things we take for granted now.  Two scientific achievements of this time I want to share with you are electricity and steel. The Bessemer Process Henry Bessemer, the creator... Continue Reading →

Darwin’s Autobiography

I just recently finished reading Charles Darwin's autobiography.  He was an interesting man.  His autobiography, in respect to assessing its autobiographical impact on me, is not what I expected it to be.  In my assessment I found one thing I'd like to share. While Charles Darwin's autobiography was a great book to read, I found... Continue Reading →

The Misrepresentation Of Herbert Spencer

Herbert Spencer was an English philosopher of Libertarian thought during the 19th Century.  His study of Charles Darwin's "On The Origin Of Species" and applying Darwin's theory of natural selection to a society ruined his reputation and he has been known as a supporter of social-Darwinism - the philosphy that the laws of evolution apply... Continue Reading →

My Opinion On Speeches In Autobiographies

For my English course in the Ron Paul Curriculum, I was assigned to answer this question:  "Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography?"   Here is my opinionated answer. Accurate Information To include a reconstructed speech, article, interview, or conversation in your autobiography can be useful at times.  It could help convey information more... Continue Reading →

My Target Audience For My Autobiography

An essential part to writing an autobiography is figuring out who your target audience is.  The audience can be businessmen, chefs, politicians or dog trainers, but by narrowing down your audience, you organize the experiences and stories you want to share. I chose my family as my target audience.  One reason why is because I... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Writing an Autobiography

I've been considering preparing myself to write my own autobiography in the future.  However, to find if this was something I really wanted to do, I asked myself this question:  "What good things could come from me writing my own autobiography?"  Here are some of my thoughts. Learn About Myself Autobiographies are way that we... Continue Reading →

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