Basic Questions About Cancer

Cancer is a disease that can be traumatic or even scary to deal with or think about.  There are many questions about cancer that are still mysteries to even the smartest scientists today, but this post's purpose is to clarify three basic questions for you.  They are: What is cancer? What causes cancer? Is it... Continue Reading →


The Invisible Hand – A Metaphor For Our Day

The analogy of the 'Invisible Hand' is used to describe how an economy and society should run.  It is a figure of speech that means by taking care of yourself, and providing for your needs, through either a job or self-owned business, you are inexplicably helping others do the same. Invisible Hand Today, it can... Continue Reading →

William Harvey’s Contributions

During the Scientific Revolution of the 17th Century,  doctors, scientists and philosophers were making advances in all fields of knowledge such as medicine, study, and religion.  One in particular that stood apart from the others, in my opinion, was a doctor named William Harvey. William Harvey, was a 17th Century English doctor and physician.  He... Continue Reading →

Art After the Renaissance

After the Renaissance and the amazing arts created in that period, new styles of art began to grow in popularity.  Two of these styles were Mannerism and Baroque.  These styles embraced the concept of creating art in a way peculiar and specific to the artist's talents, and adding a sense of drama or emotion to... Continue Reading →

How to Create a Punnet Square

In this post, I will explain how to create and use a Punnet square, however, I will not be explaining everything for your's and mine's sakes.  Explaining everything would take up too much of your time.  So, to get a basic understanding and background of what Punnet squares are used for, go here and here. There... Continue Reading →

Going the Extra Mile

The most general goal any future entrepreneur has is to find a niche in the market of goods and services, and to fill it with their product.  However, with many people finding ways to build their own business from home, and still others finding creative and unique ways to fill people’s needs, how does a... Continue Reading →

Three Mercantilist Theories

Mercantilism was a failed economic theory created and used during the 17th-19th centuries.  It failed because it was created by selfish merchants and traders who wanted more money and power for themselves.  There were many fallacies in their arguments but its main reason for failure was probably just because it was not a well thought-out... Continue Reading →

Reasons Why the Edict of Nantes was Revoked

On October 22, 1685, catholic King Louis XIV of France revoked the Edict of Nantes to begin his conquest of bringing France under the one religion of catholicism and eliminating the Huguenots, a nickname given to French Protestants.  Now, Louis XIV was taking promised rights away from the Huguenots by withdrawing the Edict, and declaring... Continue Reading →

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