Homeobox Genes

The natural biological systems, specifically those in charge of making up the bodies of every living organism, have adapted to make the creation of new bodies very simplified. Let me explain. A homeobox gene, or hox for short, can be easily defined as a "body plan"  for animals.  Like a child following LEGO instructions to... Continue Reading →


Soil as an Ecosystem

If you heard someone say to you, "Soil is there just to hold up the plants", would you agree with that?  Biologists and those who who study soil have proved that soil is more than just support for plants. Soil actually contains thousands of billions of bacteria and organisms that can do many different tasks... Continue Reading →

Biology: Prokaryotes and Bioremediation

In biology, prokaryotes - a unicellular organism branched from the archaea kingdom - is somewhat of a Jack-of-all trades when it comes to it abilities and purpose.  One of these purposes is bioremediation. Prokaryotes that help in the bioremediation process can harness and create proteins, nutrients and enzymes and use them to break down and... Continue Reading →

Basic Questions About Cancer

Cancer is a disease that can be traumatic or even scary to deal with or think about.  There are many questions about cancer that are still mysteries to even the smartest scientists today, but this post's purpose is to clarify three basic questions for you.  They are: What is cancer? What causes cancer? Is it... Continue Reading →

How to Create a Punnet Square

In this post, I will explain how to create and use a Punnet square, however, I will not be explaining everything for your's and mine's sakes.  Explaining everything would take up too much of your time.  So, to get a basic understanding and background of what Punnet squares are used for, go here and here. There... Continue Reading →

The Three Stages of Cell Signaling

Just like how you communicate or talk with someone, the cells in your body use a simple yet sophisticated form of communication, which is vital to keep it healthy and functioning properly.  This communication process is called cell signaling.  We can break down this cycle into three stages: message reception, transduction, and response.Reception This first... Continue Reading →

The Cell

Hello, and thank you for reading my first essay for the RPC Biology course!  I’m going to be sharing some of the things I’ve learned about the smallest and most basic unit of life--the cell. I learned many things about cells from my RPC course lecture, but one thing I found very important and awesome... Continue Reading →

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