The Petition of the Candlemakers

In France during the 19th Century, the government was upset about how foreign imported products sold better than their own local in-state products.  It's safe to say that the government was more than happy to take control over the people and economy, and they imposed a protectionism law to do this.  It was a law... Continue Reading →


The Invisible Hand – A Metaphor For Our Day

The analogy of the 'Invisible Hand' is used to describe how an economy and society should run.  It is a figure of speech that means by taking care of yourself, and providing for your needs, through either a job or self-owned business, you are inexplicably helping others do the same. Invisible Hand Today, it can... Continue Reading →

Going the Extra Mile

The most general goal any future entrepreneur has is to find a niche in the market of goods and services, and to fill it with their product.  However, with many people finding ways to build their own business from home, and still others finding creative and unique ways to fill people’s needs, how does a... Continue Reading →

Selling As Service

This week, as part of my Business Course in the Ron Paul Curriculum I finished a book called Selling as Service written by Harry Brown, a business entrepreneur.  I really enjoyed reading this book.  You would be surprised by how simple, logical and easy it is to understand what he explains in his book! If you are... Continue Reading →

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