Plunkitt: Patriotism in Voting

In George Washington Plunkitt's autobiography, proclaims his belief that there is a patriotic relation to obtaining a job after Tammany won an election.  The patriotic connection was fostered through the spoils system. The spoils system is a political tool used to reward those who join a following or candidacy.  Usually the reward for faithful support... Continue Reading →


Washington’s View of The Future

In Booker T. Washington's autobiography, Up From Slavery,  he explains through out the book what his vision for the future of African-Americans would be like.  His vision can be reduced to one principle: Service can unite races, people and families.  Let me elaborate. Booker grew up in the slave system as a child.  His family... Continue Reading →

Stories From Tuskegee

Booker Washington traveled to Tuskegee, Alabama in hopes of founding a university there.  He has many memorable stories of his experiences building a school and interacting with locals in his autobiography that help it come to life and help you imagine what it was like back then.  Here are two stories of my favorite stories... Continue Reading →

A Turning Point

In his autobiography, The Persecutor, Sergei Kourdakov shares many experiences that can be considered turning points in his life.  One is when he finished schooling with the highest marks in his class, and another is when he joined the KGB.  Some were more important than others, but turning points nonetheless.  A turning point is, as... Continue Reading →

Conclusion for: “A Bus of My Own”

I just finished reading the book, "A Bus of My Own"  an autobiography written by long-time PBS news-anchor, James "Jim" Lehrer.  Now, I just wanted to share my favorite story from this book with you. My favorite story in this book is in the very last chapter, when he finally fulfills his one, lifelong goal... Continue Reading →

A Change of Heart(-attack)

In my English Course for the Ron Paul Curriculum, I was asked to read the book: A Bus of My Own by James Lehrer.  James Lehrer, more casually known as Jim Lehrer, was a news reporter and fictional writer during the 1950's.  He retired in 2011 as a news-anchor for the PBS NewsHour. There was one part,... Continue Reading →

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