Wanna See Awesome Cars? Come To Korea!

As you will probably tell by the pictures below, there are many people in Korea who enjoy being able to drive around in big, fancy cars, make a good amount of money and maybe like to show off.  A lot.

These are some photos that my family and I have snapped of some really sweet cars!

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Death by Gochu

Just the other day, my family and I went to a 삼겹살, (pronounced: sam-gyop-sal) restaurant, or barbecue house, and there is a particular meat that is served there, sam-gyop-sal, is really good!

However, this time as we began to eat, I eagerly bit into a favorite side-dish of mine.  A spicy green pepper, called a gochu pepper, dipped into a pepper sauce, which is also made out of peppers.  Most of the time, the pepper itself is not really that spicy and the spice only lasts for a little bit.  This time though I was in for a BIG surprise.  I bit about half of the pepper off and immediately, I had the most intense burning, throat-searing feeling that I have ever felt in my mouth.  This was a very, very, very spicy pepper.  It felt like my mouth was going to just explode!  I felt so ridiculous.  For people who know peppers, you know that drinking milk is the best way to get rid of the heat of a pepper.  No Korean restaurants ever have milk though!   So, I just struggled through the heat and burning.  That terrible, hot feeling lasted for another fifteen minutes!

This is the type of pepper that I ate, and that I will probably not eat ever again!

I can’t believe that other peppers are even spicier!  So, since then, I haven’t tried any of the peppers and have been a little traumatized by that experience.  Now, when I get up the courage to try another pepper like that, I will just be a little bit more cautious.  And always have some milk close by.

잘 가요!

Quinn Palmer


The 4/9 Market

This market opens locally in my city of Songtan on every day that ends in a 4 or a 9.  So, like the 14th or the 29th.  This was the first time that my family and I had gone all together.  I was surprised to see as many little “shops” as I did.  All of them selling a lot of different products like produce, fish and clothes.   Here are some photos that my brother, Brice and I took together.  Enjoy!

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Traffic Light Painting

I took this photo on a bridge close to my home.  I have been wanting to take this kind of photo for a long time, and I think it turned out great!  Check it out.

Traffic Light Painting Korea.jpg

If you want to see more of experiences in Korea, then check out my brother’s blog!  He blogs his school-work and about Korea as well.

Thanks for checking this out, and stay tuned for more!

Quinn Palmer



Two weeks ago, my family and I visited the east coast of Korea.  And, no matter where you go on any coast of Korea or any part of Asia, for that matter, you will have a very big selection of seafood.   I got to try some… interesting… things while at a seafood restaurant  with some friends.   Here is a photo of some of the foods I got to try.

 Top : A type of sea snail.  Right: squid  Left: sea squirts (They literally tasted like the ocean!)  Bottom: sea cucumber (they were tough to chew)   We also had shrimp!

So, as you can see it was a very new experience to try all of these things!  If you don’t like seafood, I suggest that you don’t visit the coasts of Korea!

Quinn Palmer

Making the Year Last

South Korea is a very small place in comparison to other places on the Earth.  But in just that small mass of land, there are over 51 million people living here.  North Korea’s population is about half of that, estimating at about 25 million. Now, I only have a year to get life experiences that will stay with me forever.

Guess I better make the most of it.

This was a old Korean residence for a scholar and his family. Him and his mother’s face are on the 50,000 and 5,000 won bill.  The residence was called 오죽헌.  Pronounced: Ojukheon.

Quinn Palmer