Oliver Cromwell’s Rule: Unpleasant for Everyone

While I was learning about Oliver Cromwell this week, I not only thought about what it was that he did, but I also thought about what it was like for all the people under his rule.  What was life like for them? A little history about Cromwell:  He was a member of the Parliament until... Continue Reading →


Conclusion for: “A Bus of My Own”

I just finished reading the book, "A Bus of My Own"  an autobiography written by long-time PBS news-anchor, James "Jim" Lehrer.  Now, I just wanted to share my favorite story from this book with you. My favorite story in this book is in the very last chapter, when he finally fulfills his one, lifelong goal... Continue Reading →

A Change of Heart(-attack)

In my English Course for the Ron Paul Curriculum, I was asked to read the book: A Bus of My Own by James Lehrer.  James Lehrer, more casually known as Jim Lehrer, was a news reporter and fictional writer during the 1950's.  He retired in 2011 as a news-anchor for the PBS NewsHour. There was one part,... Continue Reading →

The Battle of Jumonville Glen

In the 18th Century, the French settlers who lived in modern-day Canada shared borders with the English colonists.  This sometimes created friction because the borders were unclear.  The French took this seriously and created forts to state where their borders where. During this time, an English squadron was sent ahead to build a road so that... Continue Reading →

The Hundred Word Essay

Today is a post about the Hundred Years War, and I hope you enjoy! Since 1066 AD (the Battle of Hastings) the French and English were always butting heads about who had the right or claim to who should/could rule France. And in 1337 things really started getting heated up... Edward the III of England... Continue Reading →

Two not-so-HASTY battles.

Today I am writing about the topic of: The Conquest of England as my teacher put it. This includes the Battle of Stamford Bridge and the Battle of Hastings. (do you get the title now?:) This happened around 1066 AD. King Edward of England had died without claiming an heir to his throne, which was kind of... Continue Reading →

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