The Petition of the Candlemakers

In France during the 19th Century, the government was upset about how foreign imported products sold better than their own local in-state products.  It's safe to say that the government was more than happy to take control over the people and economy, and they imposed a protectionism law to do this.  It was a law... Continue Reading →


Martyrs of Avrillé

The Reign of Terror was a French reformation attempt gone rogue during the 1700's.  Many revolutionaries who were supportive of the reforming progress before it went radical, now fought against the government and ideals they had worked so hard to achieve.  These people were known as counter revolutionaries and they were punished severely, and killed... Continue Reading →

Reasons Why the Edict of Nantes was Revoked

On October 22, 1685, catholic King Louis XIV of France revoked the Edict of Nantes to begin his conquest of bringing France under the one religion of catholicism and eliminating the Huguenots, a nickname given to French Protestants.  Now, Louis XIV was taking promised rights away from the Huguenots by withdrawing the Edict, and declaring... Continue Reading →

The Battle of Jumonville Glen

In the 18th Century, the French settlers who lived in modern-day Canada shared borders with the English colonists.  This sometimes created friction because the borders were unclear.  The French took this seriously and created forts to state where their borders where. During this time, an English squadron was sent ahead to build a road so that... Continue Reading →

The Hundred Word Essay

Today is a post about the Hundred Years War, and I hope you enjoy! Since 1066 AD (the Battle of Hastings) the French and English were always butting heads about who had the right or claim to who should/could rule France. And in 1337 things really started getting heated up... Edward the III of England... Continue Reading →

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