Martyrs of Avrillé

The Reign of Terror was a French reformation attempt gone rogue during the 1700's.  Many revolutionaries who were supportive of the reforming progress before it went radical, now fought against the government and ideals they had worked so hard to achieve.  These people were known as counter revolutionaries and they were punished severely, and killed... Continue Reading →


Thomas Hobbes’ main arguments on absolutism

Thomas Hobbes was a 17th Century philosopher who is famous for his work on absolutist governments and what life would be like if the powers of government were run in an absolutist fashion.  He captured his main theories and arguments in his book Leviathan.  I read a small excerpt, chapters 13-14, from this book and,... Continue Reading →

Another essay on…!

Hi! Today I will be writing about, as my teacher put it, The Morality of Wealth. Speaking of teachers, I would like to say thank you to my teacher, Mr. Terrell, and that most of what I am saying is by him. Also, the format of this post is as follows: question, short answer, then... Continue Reading →

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