Art After the Renaissance

After the Renaissance and the amazing arts created in that period, new styles of art began to grow in popularity.  Two of these styles were Mannerism and Baroque.  These styles embraced the concept of creating art in a way peculiar and specific to the artist's talents, and adding a sense of drama or emotion to... Continue Reading →


The Doors of History…

In this post I finish up with what I learned throughout my history posts. So, what DID I learn? I learned and believe that many people were open to change and reform. This was exemplified in the Renaissance.  Many people took on the humanist ways, philosophies and ideas. The styles of the art, specifically, painting were... Continue Reading →

Arts During the Renaissance

ART stands for Artists from the Renaissance Time! Two of them are very famous today, but not as well recognized as some names like, Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo, but are still just as famous today as they were 600 years ago. These two men were: Botticelli Raphael Sandro Botticelli was an Italian painter from the *Florentine school,... Continue Reading →

Different is…good?

Today I am doing a writing on Petrarch, only one of many reformers who lived and made a difference on the Renaissance Era First a little bit about him: His full name: Francesco Petrarca His profession: He had a job in law but he didn't enjoy it, he had some clerical positions(as my teacher put... Continue Reading →

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