The Three Stages of Cell Signaling

Just like how you communicate or talk with someone, the cells in your body use a simple yet sophisticated form of communication, which is vital to keep it healthy and functioning properly.  This communication process is called cell signaling.  We can break down this cycle into three stages: message reception, transduction, and response. Continue reading “The Three Stages of Cell Signaling”


The Stars and the Heavens…

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them”    -Galileo Galilei

This man is Galileo Galilei and he was a 17th Century Italian scientist who studied mathematics and physics.  But, he is probably best known for his discoveries in astronomy.  Did you know that he discovered the rings around the planet Saturn, and four of the dozens of satellites ( word for: smaller planet or object that revolves around a larger planet) that orbit around Jupiter?  He also created his very own telescope!

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