Essay Topic: Three things I Can Change to Use Time Better

Hey guys! Thanks for looking at my last essay. Hope you liked it! Here is my next one. But first I would like to say that I am basing these ideas off my Personal Finance instructor: Mr. Terrell

Now, I am going to pick three ways that I think I could change to use time better.

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(drum roll) And now… the Anasazi and Hopewell!

Hello guys! Hope you enjoyed my last essay, and this next one!

Today I will be comparing two civilizations known as the Hopewell and Anasazi.  I will start with the Anasazi.

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It was a place called…Axum! That was it!

This first week in history has been really fun! Now I am writing my first essay! My topic is on Axum. hope you like it!

Axum was founded in 500 BC and can be found close to the Red Sea Coast near the Horn of Africa in modern day Ethiopia. Axum was built by trade so it was pretty convenient for them to have trade with India and the Mediterranean. And by 500 AD (a thousand years later) Axum was a very thriving country and had also adopted Christianity as their religion. That is pretty cool because across other places in the Middle East Islam was a big religion. For a while they used an Arab style of living, but as time went on they started to integrate other elements from Egypt and Greece, such as their own coinage system, and writing system called Ge’ez or Ethiopic script which allowed them to leave behind a legacy of written material. They also made obelisks, the greatest of which was stolen by the Italians, they also developed terrace farming! (I didn’t know that!) It looks like a tier of grass! I can’t wait to do my next lessons and essay! Stay tuned!!

Quinn Palmer

RPC student

Personal Finance Essay: How I can control small expenses

Question no. 1

Do I find myself chronically short of cash?

I am not chronically short of cash, but if I was I might try to limit my spending, and try to put my money away so there is no way for it to tempt me to spend it.

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