Go to Australia TODAY!

Welcome! How would you like to take a vacation to Australia with "no expenses"?  (I would love to have a  " no expenses"  trip but that's not quite how the world works:)  Would you take this offer?  Here are some fun things about Australia that I think you would like! Favorite Attractions In Australia, you can visit... Continue Reading →


The Stars and the Heavens…

This man is Galileo Galilei and he was a 17th Century Italian scientist who studied mathematics and physics.  But, he is probably best known for his discoveries in astronomy.  Did you know that he discovered the rings around the planet Saturn, and four of the dozens of satellites ( word for: smaller planet or object... Continue Reading →

Welcome to… Amerigo?

Do you know how or where North and South America got the name America? It was all due to man named America Vespucci who, like most people during the Renaissance, was an explorer  (from Italy). Vespucci was not always an explorer but a clerk for the House of Medici, as well as a trade merchant.... Continue Reading →

Circumnavigation of the Earth is Hard!

You know about how Columbus sailed to the "West Indies" and the people he found he called Indians? But he really found the underside of the Americas like the Bahamas and Cuba? Did you know about the man who started the expedition of circumnavigating the earth? This man's name was Ferdinand Magellan, and he was... Continue Reading →

The Earth is WHERE?

Did you know that about 1800 years ago (200 AD) that an astronomer and astrologist  named Ptolemy made a theory about how the Earth was the center of our solar system? And people believed him, for 1200 years?! Crazy right? In the 1400's, during the Renaissance, one man finally decided that Ptolemy's theory of a... Continue Reading →


Hi, and welcome to a post about the Investiture Controversy. Wait! don't leave yet. I am going to be talking about two men who had an argument about something  that was a really big deal to them way back when, and those two men were: Pope Gregory VII Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV Let us begin... Continue Reading →

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